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Private lender

Rehab projects

Lending funds for rehab projects we can also help with. Need money for a project you are a bit tight in the pockets on, here we are!


April 2023

We here with you all the way!

We are here for the ride. We will take the brunt of the force when it comes down to deals.

We understand the process can be on handling deal's are and can be very stressful. We aim on making the process less time consuming for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of the closing deal.

Let's make it awesome and profitable as we can.

Welcome to CMR Capital!

Here at CMR Capital we are fully invested in helping you fund any investment properties you my have.

Need money for a fixer upper, refinancing or help with a foreclosure you are facing, I can help. Having access to these funds and our dedication on closing a deal fast, easy and effective that we hope to see more deals on long the future.

So happy investing and stay awesome!

Contact me here:
Toll Free#: 1(800) 416-1188
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